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The Macbook is an extremely versatile laptop capable of handling any business needs. With compatability to a wide range of analytic, accounting, and spreadsheet software the Macbook is Apple's most flexible notebook. Macbooks can be hand delivered or shipped nationwide with your specific software specs! All Macbooks are also equipped with the latest version of the Apple OS. The Macbook is available to be shipped in large quantities and is perfect for any business projects.

Step 1

Request a quote

The first step is to request a quote, you will then be contacted within 15 minutes by one of our customer service representatives.

Step 2

Prep & deliver/ship

Your equipment will be physically cleaned. Its software will be reset to the factory defaults unless you have requested an exact image or custom software, in which case that will be loaded and tested. Once your equipment is inspected to meet quality standards it will be shipped or delivered on time to your required destination.

Step 3

Enjoy & return

Enjoy your event and your technology rental. Once your rental term has come to the end and your project or event is complete, simply contact your Tech Travel Agent to confirm the details of your equipment's return via a pickup by a technician or shipment via a FedEx / UPS service using a preprinted return label.

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