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Tablet PC Rentals

Tablet PC Rentals Nationwide, Worldwide

Why Rent a Tablet PC?

Tablet PC rentals are known for their high degree of mobility, since they are thin and light weight, making them ideal for travel. Tablet PCs are great for doing everyday computing like web browsing, reading, and light gaming. With simple touch screens you can accomplish most daily tasks without a problem. With a Tablet PC Rental you can keep track of the information you need, as well as stay connected to the web with WiFi and optional 3G coverage.

iPad 2 and Third Generation iPad RentalsiPad Rentals

Apple is a leader in the tablet computer industry with its famous iPad product. The iPad and iPad2 offers a very sleek and light weight design, and runs the lates in Apple device operating systems. So the iPad is great for computing in mobile situations, and has a lot of user intuitive applications that suit many needs, which include anything from web browsing and document reading to musical storage and composition, and even capturing video.

Slates and Convertibles

Rentrpc has both slate and convertible tablet models.

Slate Tablet Rentals are the most traditional and most recognized models in the tablet industry (like the iPad). Slates are tablet computers without a dedicated or attached keyboard, which means that users input text by using various screen touching methods, which include handwriting with a stylus or typing on an on-screen keyboard. Users also have the option of connecting an external keyboard to a slate tablet.

Convertible Tablet RentalsConvertible Tablet Rentals are sort of a combination of a slate tablet and a laptop. As the name implies, these computers can act as both a laptop and a tablet. Convertibles have an attached keyboard in which you can use like a traditional laptop. Or you can convert it into a tablet. The screen is a touch screen, and you can manipulate the position of the screen and fold it down to create a tablet, upon which you can touch navigate or use a stylus.

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