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PC Computer Rentals

Your Tech Travel Agent

A Tech Travel Agent books computer rental technology and technicians to install, setup, troubleshoot, and offer support. The same way your travel agent books your airline, car and hotel reservations, a Tech Travel Agent handles all aspects of your rental needs. They are your one point of contact for any computer rental, anywhere, anytime. Not only do they reserve the equipment, but they also manage the delivery, setup and pickup. All you have to do is make a call or fill out a quick quote request and a Tech Travel Agent will be able to assist you.

Flexible Rental Rates - Daily, Weekly, Monthly

RentRPC has flexible rental rates for any period of time. You can rent for a day, a week, a month, or even a year! Whatever length of time you plan to use it for, RentRPC will happily accomodate your needs. Remember, rental costs are based on several factors that include product, brand, specifications, location, quantity, availability and lead time. So for best pricing, reserve you pc rental as early as possible.

25 Years of Service - PC Rentals Worldwide

RentRPC has over 25 years in the computer rental industry and strive to provide the best in customer service and support to our clients. With PC rental service to over 1500 cities worldwide*, you need only one Tech Travel Agent to help you with any and all computer rental requirements, anywhere, anytime.

Software Preloaded on Every Machine

Depending on what you need your computer rental for, RentRPC is capable of preloading any software you require. Even if your company uses independent software, RentRPC will be able to load it on every machine.

Large Quantity Rentals Available

If you have a large scale event in which hundreds or maybe thousands of users need access to a computer or laptop, then renting the equipment is the only logical option. RentRPC specializes in large quantity rentals for corporate training, conferences, trade shows, break out rooms and more.

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